Avant garde, no?

Well, I did indicate a desire for some more subtle symbolism in my dreams, so I can't complain when I end up with:

Dream 1.

A low-budget 90's telemovie about a class of impoverished public high school kids in America learning about the civil rights movement and applying it to their own lives (that last part was only implied, it wasn't a long dream). The name of the actor who was playing the teacher escapes me, but it also escaped me in the dream. She played the sidekick in one of the less-successful sitcoms. I wasn't watching it on TV or nothing, but I wasn't on set... it was just something that was happening. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Dream 2.

Went to a communist rave in an underground Chinese library with some people but they got kicked out for dancing too boisterously. I chastised them all like, "For goodness sakes, this is a communist rave, not a Dance Dance Revolution!"


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