Avant garde, no?

I've been puzzling over the dream I wrote about in the previous post, gentle reader.

I have been puzzling mad styles.

The thing is, I think that if my subconscious were trying to tell me that I am secretly gay, it would probably be more subtle in its imagery. Perhaps I would have a dream about drowning in lavender or something along those lines.

But this dream must mean something.

I asked my e-friend Desci what she thought, but I could barely make out what she was saying cos she would stop every two syllables to throw herself facefirst into the pile of cheap coke on the table in front of her.

What a psycho bitch.

Anyway, it is times like these that one must turn to What's in a Dream: a Scientific and Practical Interpretation of Dreams by Gustavus Miller.

It is always good to dream that you have successfully resisted
any temptation. To yield, is bad. If a man chooses low ideals, vampirish
influences will swarm around him ready to help him in his nefarious designs.
Such dreams may only be the result of depraved elementary influences.
If a man chooses high ideals, he will be illuminated by the deific
principle within him, and will be exempt from lascivious dreams.
The man who denies the existence and power of evil spirits has no arcana
or occult knowledge. Did not the black magicians of Pharaoh's time,
and Simon Magnus, the Sorcerer, rival the men of God? The dreamer
of amorous sweets is warned to beware of scandal.

To dream that you meet or engage with an adversary, denotes that
you will promptly defend any attacks on your interest.
Sickness may also threaten you after this dream.

To dream that you are in the clutches of adversity, denotes that you
will have failures and continued bad prospects.


They didn't have HIV back in 1901, so this will have to do:

To dream that you are in Africa surrounded by Cannibals, foretells that you
will be oppressed by enemies and quarrelsome persons.


Well, that clears that up.

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