Avant garde, no?

Okay, gentle reader, explain to me, please if you would be so kind, why that this song was vetoed by my band full of hot chicks and also there are two dudes:

It was a fine Spring day
When AOK
Raped me

It was a fine spring day
When AOK
Took my innocence away

He's a wild one.
Oh-yeah, he's a wild one.


Tell me why that that particular song was vetoed before the lyrics had even been completed... while this other song was not only not vetoed, but encouraged by the ladies:

Tamara Jaber
My lifesaver
I want to savour your tasty flavour

I'd like to suckle your scented plums
I'd like to chew your bubblegum

Your rounded hips
And luscious thighs
Can't disguise your soulful eyes

You're the girl for which I yearn
Fiery hot like a CFA slow burn
Koalas falling out of trees
Possums die at 60 degrees

I want to shit right on your chest
Smear it on your pert young breast
Call me Daddy, Call me Kyle
I don't care when I see your smile

That toothy grin lights up your face
Like a Russian satellite crashing down from space

An entire sexy family
Crushed by your sex-debris
You're my Russian tragedy,

You're my Russian tragedy,
Tamara Jaber


I don't understand.

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