Avant garde, no?

oh god gentle readers.

I seriously know much more about some young adult fiction series regarding vampires and shit than I could have ever wanted to.



The sad thing is that the 45 minute lecture on the twisting and turning plot of these novels came about as a result of an actually interesting conversation with this guy who really believed in vampires. He was hanging out at the station for some reason.

He also believed:

In some aspects of Scientology.

In some aspects of evolution, but still in Adam and Eve.

That the Earth sits in the palm of God's hand, so it must be about the size of an orange if God was like a regular sized dude, so that means that the Sun is like as big as God's head... or something.

I was like, you should really go to the Theosophical Bookshop instead of explaining young adult fiction about vampires to me.

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