Avant garde, no?

I was listening to my 23/11/07 interview with Peter Hore last night.

This is my favourite part...

In response to a question about whether he'd met Kevin Rudd (whom he was running against in the electorate of Griffith):

I met John Howard last night. Shook his hand. Got past four coppers and three security guards to do it. When I shook Johnny's hand, Johnny gave me a handshake which was very warm and he giggled when I said I'm standing against Rudd. It was also a handshake where we locked thumbs after we shook hands in the normal way, then did a locked hand interlocking thumb handshake.


When Howard shook my hand it was a very warm handshake, there was no fear associated with it. In the past, Howard has shown me fear at a couple of things - I met him just before I ran on the Melbourne Cup horse racing track, and I also met him on St. George's Day in front of the Opera House in front of about, uh, 7000 greeks, and that was the same day I ran for Parliament many, many years later in South Australia, on St. George's Day. So I'm sort of like channeling political energy, mate, and obviously when I met John Howard yesterday and shook his hand, I'm feeling very much like J.F.K. come back to life on the 22nd of November.

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