Avant garde, no?

Once upon a time there was a guy and the only thing anybody ever said to him was meteorological-related commentary.

Eventually he had to say, "Stop talking about the weather please everyone."



Hey gentle reader, I am not entirely au fait with all of the new rules and societal standards, but I think it is no longer okay to objectify chicks. But I am fairly sure it is still okay to objectify lawyers. I was in the legal district this morning on important business and I was making a turn at the lights but I had to wait for this smokin' hot lawyer to cross the road. I was like, "Damn, she could explore my briefs any day."

I was pretty happy with my legal innuendo, to be frank.

Later, I had an argument with a different lawyer (less smokin') about the legality of running red lights. I had just driven through one and he felt that I had committed some sort of crime.

I was like, "Whatever, dude, I hardly think you are an expert on traffic laws."

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