Avant garde, no?

My dad's not a deadbeat!
He's a time traveller!
Grey haired, bearded, universe unraveller!

Went out on Wednesday to pick us up some milk
Came back last Tuesday swathed in ancient Chinese silk

Dad, your boss called
Asking where you went
That's not important, son
Who's the current president?

Is it Clinton?
Or is it Bush?
No, it's Carson Kresley, dad,
The President with Zuj

Dad's got bad news from the 24th century
It seems that techno's not got any better
Also, and it would seem more pertinent
The dominant species is the domestic Irish Setter

Humans led around on leads
And eating out of bowls
And once they've turned 25
Made into sausage rolls

So daddo went to Glasgow
To eradicate the threat
But they all gave him those puppy eyes
So he thought he'd let it rest

My dad's not a deadbeat!
He's a time traveller!
Grey-haired, bearded, universe unraveller!
Traverses the universe,
Doing amazing things,
Wish he could have found the time,
To push me on the swings.


Inspired by a dream I first had in 2004 [which in turn was inspired by going to sleep listening to Rick Wakeman records].

Needs a chorus and maybe some more verses.

Also: my dad is not a deadbeat at all. Hey Dad! You alright!

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