Avant garde, no?

Well, they don't have the flair of ASIO
Or the clarity of purpose of the ATO
And they don't want a bar of UFOs
What's the deal with the DIO?

Airwaves covered by the DSD
Facebook by the SEG
Airport traffic snarls AFP
What does DIO even mean?

Alphabet soup obscurity
Facade of security
What they're up to, no-one knows
What's the deal with the DIO?

They're hardly 'straya's last defenders
So what the hells their true agenda?
Was David Icke right again?
Are they studying the habits of lizard men?

They might be reading Mayan texts
Or breaking codes in the Joy of Sex
And Revelation and Genesis
Or playing a lot of table tennis

The DIO are moribund
A total waste of the people's funds
Solution lies with a simple praxis

Then it's RIP for the DSD
ASIO and the AFP
And buried in the obituary
Our thoughts are with Dio's family


When we played this at the Nation of Slam jam last night it had a kind of surf rock/jazz fusion kind of feel to it. It was not like anything I had ever heard before.

I hope that's a good thing.

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