Avant garde, no?

I like this website because it is run by femmos and I think it means I'm allowed to say cunt without getting dirty looks or nothing. I'm sure some cunt will set me straight if this is not in fact what it allows.

So, I went to the commo book fair at Trades Hall yesterday. Hey gentle readers, it was pretty good and pretty cheap. I got 27 books for $24.50. Some of them were classic literatures, others were tawdry thrillers. Some of them were non-fiction. Two of them I have finished already.

The first was Screw: Observations and Revelations of a Prison Officer by Pat Merlo. It's a pretty interesting read, following Merlo through her time working at Fairlea, Pentridge B Annexe and Pentridge K Division (Jika Jika). It's scathing of the bureaucracy, but somehow I don't think things are much better these privatised days.

The second was Sub Rosa: Memoirs of an Australian Intelligence Analyst by R.H. Mathams.

More like Memoirs of a Complete Bore, gentle reader. I can see the meeting at the Joint Intelligence Organisation in my noggin...

Head of Operative Secretive Quantifying: Sir, one of our analysts wants to write memoirs about being a spook.
Chief: Absolutely not! Who is this potential turncoat?
HOSQ: Uh... it's Mathams, sir.
Chief: Well, why didn't you say so! Of course he can!

So boring. Apparently this book goes for $120 on Amazon. I don't know why.

Looking through the DIO (nee JIO) website, I can report that Bobby Mathams was not the exception to the rule. Total Zed Fest, my dear cunts.

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