Avant garde, no?

I hope that by 2315 that techno music will have improved somewhat...



I am a letter-to-the-editor-being-published fool.

Here is one that was published in last Saturday's Herald Sun (in its original form):

Dearest Editor,

Thank Goodness for Andrew Bolt! Without those subtle references to 'emperors' and 'kenzo bags' I never would have realised that Toyota was owned by a bunch of those bloody Japs! Well they won't be getting a red Aussie cent out of me - I'll be sticking with my patriotic Honda, thanks.

Kind regards,

Dr. Cam

And from this Saturday just gone:

If there was a fat Olympics, we would be the gold medal nation, according to Prof. Simon Stewart from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute (A nation of fatties, 20/6). I'm all for patriotic optimism, but surely - as the fattest and least athletic nation - we would be the clear losers. Prof. Stewart should stick to preventative cardiology and leave sport to the experts.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Cam


There is surely no doubt that I am a true patriot now.

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