Avant garde, no?

The beginnings of another Nation of Slam smash hit?

Waz Vegas! Rock City!
Waz Vegas! Rock City!
Waz Vegas! Rock City!
Warragul Rock City Nights!

Wild Dog Rock And Roll
Fun And Games For Young And Old
Go Out Drinking After Dark
Down The Fountains In Civic Park
Dickheads Do A Million Blockies
Golf Club Punters Feeling Lucky

and so on and on. I was happy to realise that I remember the words to all but one of our songs now. This is probably a good sign.


My Mate Andy
Ain't No Dandy
He'd Probably Shiv Ya
For Some Anarchist Trivia

@ndy Slackbastard loves him some random political trivia, but he especially loves random anarchist trivia, so when I found some I thought I should type it up so he can store it in his noggin and refer to it at some future date should it become relevant to current affairs.

From Publish And Be Damned! The Astonishing Story of the Daily Mirror by Hugh Cudlipp (published 1953):

David McLellan caused a hullabaloo [most likely in 1913, from context] with his magnesium flash-powder when he tried to take the first night picture of Piccadilly Circus from Swan and Edgar's balcony. The powder was wrongly mixed, and a terrific explosion tore off a corner of the balcony and blew in fifty-two windows. Other newspapers next morning were speculating about "anarchist bombs in the heart of London."


For some reason, over two years ago, I found myself interested in haunted cinemas and went to some lengths to determine whether the background of the Warragul Cinema ghost story was correct or false. Later, when I had a friend working at the Chadstone multiplex, I made inquiries as to its hauntedness (hauntitivity?) and was disappointed to discover that it had no proper ghost stories.

GENTLE READER! It is time for corrections to be made based on conversations had with numerous cinema staff last night.

Firstly, the lame ghost story I was told (that a gentleman had a heart attack during a film and now haunts the appropriate cinema) was numerically incorrect. I said it was in Cinema 8. It is actually Cinema 15.


Secondly, Chadstone cinema DOES have a proper ghostly history which is, according to recent reports, both effective and efficient at creeping out lonely cinema staff in darkened theatres.

DID YOU KNOW: Before the Chadstone shopping complex was built, there was a Catholic girls school in it's place. And before there was a Catholic girls school there was a Convent. And attached to that convent was... A GRAVEYARD.

And now eldritch nuns stalk the aisles and scare some guy who was threading a spool of film the other night.

Hey gentle reader, it is true about the convent! I looked it up!

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