Avant garde, no?

This will never chart, but here's a poppy little number we came up with at the Nation of Slam jam last night.

Just pick up the phone
You're not alone
Just drop me a line
It'll be fine


We can see a movie
Take a walk in the park
It'd be groovy
To go swim in the dark

Neil Diamond...
Why don't you cheer the fuck up?

What do ya feel?
Have ya been a sad dog?
Why don't you get a blog?

We can have a picnic
One hot August night
You bring the salad
I'll bring the cask wine

Neil Diamond...
Why don't you cheer the fuck up?

When you complain that you're so bored,
My only response can be GOOD LORD!
Neil Diamond! You're loaded!
Cheer the fuck up.

You whinge that you miss all your friends,
Go buy a jet so you can see them again,
Neil Diamond, Cheer The Fuck Up.

You fucking crybaby.


It is not exactly the high art of a song about a W.B. Yeats infection, but at least it is culturally accurate as Neil Diamond is reportedly a desperately lonely man.

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