Avant garde, no?


I am no stranger to being ript off but today I discovered I have been ript off yet again. Back in August of Ought Six, I suggested that a person in a Hungry Jacks ad seemed untrustworthy because he seemed to be connected somehow to the drugs trade.

It has recently been pointed out to me that the person in question was later cast as Carl Williams in Channel 9 hit Underbelly.

Where's my paycheck, Channel 9? Or should I say, CHANNEL THEFT?


In other advertising news, I am uneasy about a new series of ads in which an ANZ thinktank begins coming up with ideas to help their customers by following the advice of a dimwitted moron called Simon, AGAINST THEIR BETTER JUDGEMENT. That is to say, from what I have seen so far, it gives the impression that the ANZ is completely evil and I don't see it as completely unfeasible that one of them will bump off Simon in order to usurp his position.

GENTLE READER, I also find it unsettling that a FALCON is taking part in these meetings, even if it is a falcon whose purpose is to prevent credit card fraud. The falcon has a snicker. It's not right.

WATCH THEM and join me in being unsettled.

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