Avant garde, no?

also known as an ART ATTACK.

It may surprise you to know that Bill Henson loitering around playgrounds is not the only game in town. Here is some art I recommend:

Earthquake Comics:

Mostly depressing, occasionally amusing. Comics depicting the events in the aftermath of the recent Chinese earthquake.


Safeway Art:

Youse all know how I feel about Safeway, The Fresh Food People inre: art. Anyway, I was buying groceries at the Safeway on Smith St in Fitzroy (which incidentally has the lowest prices of any supermarket in Melbourne according to recent news reports) and I noticed they got a bunch of art up on the wall near the entrance, courtesy of a Yarra City art program designed to put the artistic impulses of the kids towards more constructive ends. It is both a worthy and cost-effective program, on account of now the council don't have to clean up the walls as much. Plus, crazy paintings at Safeway?


Actually that is all I gotta say 'bout artistic expression today. See you on the barricades!

[inFARTion... :o!]

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