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The Man wants to keep my old mate Derryn Hinch down on account of him shooting his mouth off about Armadale rapist Mark Anthony Jewell, whose name is suppressed, even though everyone knows it. What's that all about?

LEAVE DERRYN ALONE!! He won't make it in jail again.

[Dudes and ladies, I note with interest that Monsieur Jewell was named in the Herald Sun on April 15 of this very year, and online archives for The Age and the Sun contain numerous references to him being the Armadale rapist. Is this the worst suppression order of all 2008?]



NSW Crime Commission investigator Mark Standen has been rumbled trying to import the ingredients of Ice from the Netherlands. It's called a tap, Standen. [oh dear]

Anyway, apparently he was using his expert knowledge of the drug trade to get away wif it, but two things stand out to me:

1. He got rumbled.
2. Rival drug dealers from Pakistan pulled the old switcheroo and left poor old Mark with naught to show for his efforts.

This does not say, 'expert knowledge of the drug trade' to me. Rather, it would appear that Standen is criminally incompetent. I posit that Standen should be removed from his position at the NSW CC until such time as he demonstrates he is actually capable of pulling off a drug deal.




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