Avant garde, no?

You know what I'm talkin' 'bout, gentle reader. Celebrity orthodontists shit me to tears.

They give me the irrits something chronic.

Correcting the teeth of our celebrity youth and whatnot.



Speaking of celebrity teeth...

Hey gentle reader, I want to test a theory. My theory is that 3AW's former 'reporter to the stars' Tommy Garrett is a chronic self-googler. I bet if I were to write something that was totes not true, like, oh man, I don't know:

Tommy Garrett, until recently Ernie Sigley's man in "Hollywood", has been on a couple of magazine covers, but all the magazines look really fake like the cover has been designed in MS Paint or whatnot.

Or something like:

Man, what is the deal with Tommy Garrett. He doesn't appear to have done anything worthy of a fanbase, but anytime anyone mentions his legal troubles or whatnot all of these so-called people come to his defence. Man, what if Tommy Garrett spends his time just googling himself and commenting whenever he gets mentioned. Wouldn't that be kind of sad?

I bet if I were to write something which is obviously totes not true like those things, I would get an email from 3AW's Reporter to the Stars all threatening legal action and the like.

Man, gentle reader, you probs have no idea what I am even talking about. You should google Tommy Garrett yourself, or maybe go to my comrade Media Mook's blog. His blog has a [cultured] name, but it is pretty interesting otherwise: http://www.mediamook.com.au

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