Avant garde, no?

I'm looking at YOU, Michael Carr-Gregg, you hyphenated fuck! Opining and analysing and informing and educating.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I'm looking at YOU, Dr. Phil, you bald, moustachioed lothario! Caring and sharing and healing and feeling.

Who the fuck do you think you are to break Oprah's heart like that?

I can't think of any other celebrity psychologists, but I'm sure their crimes are worthy of death as well. Now what would be good would be a celebrity psychiatrist. All prescribing medications to the stars and all on live TV.


The purpose of the band (NATION OF SLAM) is to move units and make some fast cash and also fame.

I am a little concerned that all of my friends will change when I become famous, but one must press on.

Anyway, Comrade Mickey Grouse suggests that a good way to move some units would be to appeal to a niche market with a lot of cash to burn, i.e. the Financial Sector.

Mr. Grouse has suggested that the band change its name to The Fiscal Vandals, come up with a set of business-themed tunes, and play swanky corporate gigs, i.e. Macquarie Bank christmas parties.

I think this idea is ridiculous, because we all know the JEWS run the banks, so why would they even have Christmas parties.

This left Grouse speechless. Don't get into the cage if you can't fight the tiger, Grouse.

Another suggestion came from my lead guitarist, whose psuedonym eludes me at the moment, so let's just call him Dangerous Dave. Actually, I think that was it.

Anyway, Dangerous Dave reckons that controversy moves units. I concur with this. Although the current name of the band is already a little bit controversial (it's a pun on the anti-semitic black supremacist group Nation of Islam), I must concede that the name Dangerous Dave has come up with is a little bit more controversial. That band name is: Sophie Mirabella and the Miscarriages.

That's terrible, David. Shame, shame, shame.

On the other hand, controversy does move units. Something to think about.


I gave up a whole bunch of my awesome blood just before I originally wrote this - that's why Mickey Grouse's band name got writ down wrong. It's fixed now.

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