Avant garde, no?

Oh, right... I was in the middle of making the Past page... I should probably finish that, eh.

See, I was distracted by (who else?) Vegie and SteveSteve, who insisted that I go out and do a bunch of drugs with them.

"No!" I cried valiantly, "I have to pick up my little sister and her friends at Pakenham train station at a quarter past one! I must have a clear head for such a dangerous mission."

Anyway, we had to buy some alcamahol, as there's apparently a party of some sort tomorrow. Or rather, today... Anyway, this proved to be more difficult than I had considered... the liquor store at Coles was closed when we got there, and then we got distracted by some shiny things, and then... we were running out of time to get to the Safeway. Anyway, we go to Safeway, and I buy these chicks drinks, and take a serious hit to my masculinity... but none of that is the point.

As we came out of the liquour store, we saw Smythe, friend of Rodriguez X, who was there grocery shopping with some chick whose name I can't remember and my nemesis, Joel Sexenheimer. Smythe had popped a couple of vessels in his eyes, and there was blood EVERYWHERE. Inside his eye. But that's not the point, either.

The point is this:

As we exited the Safeway, we were accosted by teens who asked us if we could buy them booze. They were cutting it very fine, the liquor store was about to close.

I think I might have bought liquor for them before.

Anyway, the point is this: What the fuck is this country coming to if you can't even buy alcohol for teens without being asked to buy alcohol for teens?

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