Avant garde, no?

Speaking of conflicts in the Middle East, today I read the Orstralian Jewish News (http://www.ajn.com.au) and in the letters section there was a letter that was like, "Media Watch, more like Anti-Israel Media Thing!" That was pretty much the whole letter, to be honest, dear reader.

The Jewish sense of humour is well regarded, and I am glad to see it is not an unfounded stereotype. Dudes run Hollywood, you know?

Speaking of @ndy with an @ (http://slackbastard.anarchobase.com), dude was accused of defaming some Libyan dudes recently. If you will recall, the Libyans were the ones who shot Doc Brown before Marty McFly changed the future with an ill-advised letter. I guess they still shot him, I suppose.

I said to him, "@ndy, I will write a blog post in solidarity! Dudes don't know the meanin' of bein' defamed!" but then I never got around to it cos I was too busy watching Youtube videos of the Libyan dudes in question seducin' goats, then plottin' terrorist activities over a post-coital crack pipe. I remember when Youtube was just videos of cats in dishwashers, but I guess it is the 21st century now, dudes.

Gotta move with the times, I guess.

Sorry my solidarity was so belated, Jeff. I am so awful at blogging, it's ridiculous.

Oh man, I cannot even get @ndy with an @'s name right!


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