Avant garde, no?

So, the News said:

"Dateline! New Delhi! A team of over 20 chefs in the national capital has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for cooking a Biryani, a fried rice dish, weighing 14,000 kilograms! Prepared in a large vessel on a low flame on Saturday, the chefs took nine-hours to complete the veg-Biryani."

Whereupon I commented that "it's a case of too many chefs and not enough Indians!"

Whereupon everybody laughed (even Desmond D. Danger, and he hates me!).

But that doesn't even make sense!



Today I will be giving my blood away again. Last time they told me I had really good flow, which is okay, I guess, but when I discussed the matter with a comrade, the comrade told me that at their last blood donation they had been complimented on the RICH FULL COLOUR of their blood.

I am thinking, gentle reader, that 'good flow' is the 'at least you tried' award when it comes to the donation of the blood. "Don't worry, Cam, you might not have won, but at least you had good flow."

FUCK THAT. My blood is the fucking '48 Grange of blood, and I expect plaudits.

I expect plaudits, gentle reader.

Is that too much to ask?

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