Avant garde, no?

I keep on ending up having brunch with Comrade McBroington.


Of all the meals, this is the meal we share.

Gentle reader, I put it to you that brunch is not even a real meal.

Is it breakfast?

No, it is not breakfast.

Is it lunch?

No, it is also not lunch.

Brunch. Seriously.

We discussed Kierkegaarde, amongst other things.

McBroington: Dude had opinions.
Dr. Cam: Dude had hella opinions, that's true.
McBroington: Opinions about everything. Even... deli meats.


Last night I went and saw Jason Lives. It was a delightful evening and I danced merrily.

That said, the night was somewhat soured by what myself and Vegie C. Vegie had to endure just prior to Jason Lives, which was...

Rap Metal.

The fusing of all the worst parts of the musical genres of rap and heavy metal. A combination that is by no means greater than the sum of its parts.

It was unbearable. Vegie C. Vegie and I had to go outside and wait for them to finish.

We discussed going back in time and kidnapping Banjo Patterson. Dude would be freaked out by advances in technology. Would most likely spend much of his time cowering in a corner and not getting any poetry done.

I said to him, (VcV, not Banjo) I think we need to time-nap a more contemporary poet.

Vegie had all the answers though: "Nah, man," he retorted (why not), "I'd just be like, 'settle petal... or I'll fucking stab ya!'"

The man is a genius.

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