Avant garde, no?

(lookout, there is like a pun in the title or whatever)

Do you know what bugs me?

When you're cooking up a nice tasty dinner. You're cooking up a nice tasty delicious dinner. Like a stir fry or whatever.

You cook up some succulent noodles. Man, the texture. Al dente, or whatever. However noodles are cooked, that's how these noodles were cooked.

You cook up some meat. Like some chicken or some beef or whatever.


You throw some vegetables in there. Some beans, some diced carrot, some capsicum... I dunno, some mushrooms. You throw them in there and cook them up with the meat.

You chuck some sauce in.. Maybe a sweet and sour sauce with perhaps a sprinkling of paprika or whatever.

Cook it all up. Serve the noodles in a bowl. Place the meat/vege/sauce combo on top of the noodles.

Eat. Enjoy.

And then you get to the bottom of the bowl. And there is a dead, crunchy, fried up beetle.

In my stir fry. The first thought that comes to my mind is, "At what stage of the cooking process did that join the mix?"

My second thought is, "WAS THERE MORE THAN ONE?"

Are beetles poisonous. I hope it's not, because I threw that one out. IN THE BIN.

The hospital will have no idea why I'm dying. I'm going to google whether eating beetles is poisonous.

(see, what I meant about the pun)

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