Avant garde, no?

A relaxing Sunday brunch with Comrade McBroington and the Sunday Herald Sun.

My good self: Did you hear Delta Goodrem got dropped by her record label?

Comrade McBroington: Huh.

MGS: She probably shouldn't have insisted her latest single be titled 'stick it up your minge.'

CM: Minge is so 80s.


For the record, Delta's new single is called 'You Will Only Break My Heart' and hits the radio on Monday.


CM: Do you think if Adam Gilchrist went to the Melbourne Cup with his wife the headline would be, "Gillie's Philly?"

MGS: Yes!

CM: And if she got drunk it would be "Gillie's Silly Philly!" It's a sub-editor's dream.


MGS: Right, so these twins were born 15 weeks premature. Weighed 1.5kgs between them. 'Gutsy pair thrills mum' says the headline. What's gutsy about that? I saw a dude run across five lanes of fast moving traffic last night. Don't know what he was running from or to, but that was a gutsy move. I said at the time, 'gutsy move, son.'

CM: There was a New Zealand rugby player [Wayne Shelford] who had his scrotum torn off during a game. Got it stitched up, went right back onto the field. Got four teeth knocked out and a concussion. That's gutsy.

MGS: That takes balls.

How we laughed! We brayed like horses.

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