Avant garde, no?

I forget what number of Blinterviews (Blog Interviews, don't you know) I am up to, so this is number ONE MILLION.

Kakariki is a friend of mine. She is from New Zealand, but she makes up for this deficiency in other ways.

She has a website here: http://radicalcrossstitch.com/

What else? I think she's a femmo or something. Her child is pretty hopeless at talking at the moment, but I am doing my best to correct that. We are working on "Smash The Patriarchy!" and "Yuppie Scum! Burn 'em out of their townhouses!" at the moment. One time she was making an A is for Apple style book 'cept about being a radical (This is Kakariki now, not the kid. The kid can't talk, you think it can make a book?) and she said, "Dr. Cam, what should I put for I?" and I said "Insurgency?" and she said, "How do I depict that?"

And I said, there should be a single flower sprouting out of the cracked and scorched dead earth.

I am such a poet.


Dr. Cam: Kakariki, do you believe that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were assassinated by the British Crown?

Kakariki: Nah, it was definitely a New Idea plot.

DC: Teachers and nurses are paid altogether too much for the amount of work that they do. Which would be fairer - massive pay cuts across the board or an increase in their workload? (Perhaps they could perform maintenance duties during the school holidays!)

K: Increase their workload. In fact, I reckon they should all be teachers AND nurses.

DC: Ford or Holden?

K: Pfft, you even need to ask? [v. suspicious, don't you think, gentle reader?]

DC: Grubby & Dee Dee OR Matt & Jo?

K: OK... now, I'm just confused... [how uncultured]

DC: Consider these KMFDM lyrics:

Radical and radiant,
I'm your nightmare coming true...
I am your apocalypse,
I am your belief unwrought,
Monolithic juggernaut,
I'm the illegitimate son of god,
Stray bullet,
From the barrel of love.

Is it ironic that KMFDM describe themselves as your belief unwrought when, if anything, these lyrics are terribly over-wraught?


So defeated
Thinks it's funny
Film Festival
Retro Porn
Shabby Chic
Gone fishin'
Shock Value
Good Contract
Big Collection
Devil's Advocate
Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh! Oooooooooooooh! (repeat 5X)

Hawaiian Shirt
Buddy buddy
Just Chillin'
Crystal Meth
Big Budget
Dirty Hair
Anti PC
Dive Bar
Hilton Safari
Euro Connection
Topless Now
Obscure Reference
Likes Parties
Fake Childhood
Muscle Tee
Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh! Oooooooooooooh! (repeat 5X)

Otherwise the answer is 27.

DC: Thank you for joining us, Kakariki.

K: It was really no trouble. Good day.

DC: And to you.


FYI, Gentle Reader, in New Zealand they don't call it Crystal Meth, they call it 'P'. It's like the future!


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