Avant garde, no?

So I dreamt that my sister and I infiltrated some extremist right wing confederate kind of organisation in the United States.

They ran a pretty odd ship. At one point all of the members of this group (Children of the Flag) were just hanging out in a swimming pool for a big planning meeting. I asked some really unsubtle questions. The next day, my sister comes up to me with the Herald Sun, and they have a big front-page expose of the 'Speed And Gun Nuts Who Want To Run The Country.' You can see us on the left hand side of the group photo. We are looking pretty stylish, but my sister is like, "Everyone is going to think we are legit nuts now, broseph."

I'm like, "Heavy." Then the leader comes in and gives us both a rifle. The government, spurred on by the wave of public outcry, were storming the compound! "Okay, let's go!" I said. But he wouldn't let us go and fight the government until we changed into traditional Confederate soldier costumes. I put the big baggy Confederate pants on over my regular pants, but I take my time doing up the buttons of my Confederate shirt so he gets impatient and leaves. My sister and I exit via the window.

But we're on the second floor, so we decide to walk around the edge of the roof until we find a safe place to climb down. About halfway around the building, we run into Davey Havok from the awful band AFI. He is upset - more upset than usual - because AFI have replaced him with a robot. I remark that the albums they did with that robot were pretty good, which is a pretty callous remark, and he starts crying and runs off. Luckily he left us instructions for how to get down, but when we try to read them they're in code.

After some pondering, Professor O'Riley (who was on the roof as well) said, "I have determined that the number 5 may represent the letter E, based on frequency patterns."

"It's no good," I sighed despairingly, "The codes of Davey Havok are simply impenetrable!"

Then I woke up and I said to myself, "I think I probably could have solved that code."

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