Avant garde, no?

Hola comraddies! How are youse? I hope youse are well.

Dudes, I had an amazing insight earlier tonight at that thing.

The thing with the guy and the stools and the glasses.

It was pretty fucking insightful. It may have been an insight into the human condition.

But then I forgot it because this guy was like, "Man, Quantum Leap was seriously under-appreciated." So I totally high-fived this dude. I was like, "Man, what about the one where Dr. Samuel Beckett leaps back into his own teenage self and tries to convince his kid sister that he's from the future so he tells her about The Beatles breaking up and she gets pretty upset but then he tells her about John Lennon's amazing solo career and sings Imagine and then she gets even MORE upset because then she knows that he really IS from the future, so he is like, it's okay little sister I was just making it up. Is that not the most beautiful thing ever captured on tape."

He teared up a little.

Oh! I remember what my insight was! It was that breakout pop sensations Nation of Slam should do a murder ballad about Neil Mitchell and Andrew Bolt.

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