Avant garde, no?

Hola comrades!

I hope you are well. My head is a little sore because one of my comrades is off to work at some RADio station in Sydney so it was imperative that we drank for seven hours and that I yelled a lot about class treachery.

When I got home at 8pm or so, I sort of passed right out until 3, whereupon I woke up and had some water and then went back to sleep until 7.

I had 2 dreams at this time, separated by the waking, but set in the same areas.

DREAM 1: In which I meet Satan and we chill.

So, I'm just hanging out when I hear this voice which tells me that I'm going to die when I turn 22. Logic would dictate that this wouldn't bother me too much because it is obviously inaccurate, but I got quite concerned when I realised that the person telling me this was a fly which had landed on my sweater vest and the FLY WAS SATAN, PRINCE OF DARKNESS.

There was a lot of running around and eventually I managed to lose the fly in a bathroom with a spider who was actually GOD. I figured they could work it out amongst themselves.


In my second dream I was basically in the same place but I was part of a teenage insurgency against some sort of overarching evil force ALA classic Cold War film 'Red Dawn.'

At first I was reluctant to join the Movement but I was convinced by a lady. I only remember a couple of other details:

Nation of Slam performed an impromptu gig in a garage. It went well, but it consisted of death metal screaming with sort of melodic singing over the top, which really goes against Nation of Slam's dedication to performing Big Band with Spirit of 77 sensibilities. The garage door kept on trying to close so we had to mess about with ropes.

At one point we were getting ready to take on the bad guy, but as a result of the dream being set in my house instead of in a forest or a city, we could hear him plotting down the hall - unaware of our presence.

I had awesome 80s hair. I can't describe it except to say that when I woke up and stumbled into my bathroom my hair looked exactly like it had in my dream.

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