Avant garde, no?

Thanks, Past Cam.

Anyway, Present Readers, we is a-totally cutting it le fine tonite.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ... FreeTV have had me over a barrel... or rather... they haven't?

Had to get this tape to FreeTV, yeah, the bullshit government "watchdog" (read: pointless money spinner).

Anyway, the client (and this happens every single time with these particular cats) made last minute changes, so had to apply some ninja-reflexes style editings, and then RUN (not walk) to the Post Office, banging my arm on the way. So, my arms hurts.

Comments on FreeTV will come later, am cutting it fine. Is 6:03, 45 minute trip back to Warragul. 6:48. Eat dinner. To Work #2 by 7.30. 10 minute trip to Work #2. 7.20 - 6.48. 32 minutes for dinner. Probably going to be here another 10 minutes. 22 minutes. No worries.

Plus, I'll probably speed.

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