Avant garde, no?

Hola gentle readers!

How are you today? I am pretty well. Awesome.

Today (Friday, don't you know) in The Age there was an ad for some energy company. For every something that they tallied (I cannot recall what) they released a fish into some river or possibly an ocean. It was a full page ad mocked up to look like birth notices, but the jape! The jape, my friends, is that the birth notices are for all the little fishies.

One of them was for Jaiyden. His father expresses regret that the only way he could see his son was with scuba gear.

I felt this was in unintentional poor taste.

In other bad advertising news, the South Australian government has banned the sale of coke kits. I presume that a coke kit consists of a small mirror, some sort of implement to chop a line, and possibly a tube.

How on earth will people do coke now?

I was going to hang out with Jade Jagger again tonight, but we will probably just read the bible or whatever. "Genesis. Chapter One," I will say.

"Hmmm. Really makes you think," she will reply, "those pages are just thin enough to roll a fine fatty/bombatty."

Then we will high five.


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