Avant garde, no?

Well, I copped a bit of flack from certain parties inre: my comparison between Eli and myself of yesterday, in which I described myself as relatively sane.

Certain parties interpreted this as me saying: "I'm insane, but look at this guy."

They then made comparisons between me and one of the friends of SteveSteve's girlfriend, who is very much in the camp of describing herself as less than sane, when in fact you would be hardpressed to find anyone more painfully normal.

I have commented on this in the past, in a negative manner, and now came the cries of hypocrisy.

Let me respond to those cries:

I implied that Eli was less sane than me. I think that's fair. He's a twisted munchkin, there's no denying that.

Therefore, by saying that me made me look "relatively" sane, I am saying that in comparison with a fully-twisted munchkin, I would appear sane.... but as a police officer (arguably the sanest people of our society) once told me, I'm "a sick person, whose sense of humour doesn't match up with the rest of society."


Now please, stop emailing me about this, and get back to sending lawyer jokes and the like.

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