Avant garde, no?

Frankly, I doubt Comrade McBroington's dedication to break-out pop group Nation of Slam.

It's not what he said, but rather how he said it.

To wit: "You can't fire me, Cam, because I quit already."

It was said in a very, very snide tone. If he can't respect me and my music, I don't know if we can work together on this project.

McBroington, consider this blog post your formal notice: You're out of the band.

Meanwhile! He has been replaced by Comrade Desmond D. Danger, who can play powerchords but little else. Also, his son can play the ukulele.

C: How well can he play it?
D: Not very well. Terribly, actually.

I can almost taste the Grammy. It has a flat, coppery taste. I actually invited Desmond D. Danger to join the band because I was under the impression that he knew how to play the recorder - a much maligned instrument very much under-represented in today's break out pop hit-making - but it turned out I was thinking of someone else.

IN OTHER MUSICAL NEWS: I saw a dude with a bouzouki walking in the street yesterday. I feel like I should follow that statement up with some sort of joke, but this is the best I could come up with:

Say, did you hear that David Hicks joined Jethro Tull?
Oh really! What does he play?
The bouzouki!

BOOM tish.

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