Avant garde, no?

My eyes hurt.

But in other news... goodbye Summer.

No, this isn't some crazy reference to the O.C. (a show which is playing when I am working a different job of a Tuesday evening, not a show that I watch), but a reference to the actual season of Summer, which looked like it might almost be upon us, following two days of... uh, nice weather.

Yes, clouds of apocalyptic proportions were a thing of the past, it seemed... beautiful sunny days... warm summer winds..

And then this morning... well, the rains is here, sarge.

And in a big way. I knew a change was coming... but I must admit, I thought it was going to be on Thursday or Friday... Like my election predictions, I was slightly off.

In other news, Eli is acting in a strange manner, quite becoming of someone who makes me look relatively sane. That is to say, his blog as of yesterday was strange... It seems to me, and I could be wrong, but it seems to me that someone whose family unit has disintegrated a bit in recent times might just warrant a bit of attention - and the desire of that attention is hardly selfishness.

As for the schooling issues, we should never forget that it doesn't really matter if you fail this or that... After all, Dr. Sexenheimer didn't blow no fantastic grades away, and look at where he sits today. In a cushy office with two flat screen monitors and his medical degree that he bought off the internet hanging on the wall.

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