Avant garde, no?

A while back I wrote about walking through a darkened Collingwood alley and being accosted by a ruffian. He said, "Do you want me to smash your fucken face in?" or something along those lines, and I said, "No, I think I'm right."

Thus the situation was resolved.

But afterwards, I decided that perhaps it would be best not to go wandering around the alleys of Collingwood at night, just on the off-chance that my negotiation skills would not hold up a second time around.

So anyway, tonight I find myself walking through a darkened Collingwood alley and I realise that the alley I am in is in fact the same alley as the aforementioned alley.


Out of the shadows emerge three thugs. One of them says to me...




I. Like. Your. Hat.

And then he starts rambling unintelligibly before saying, "You know what I mean?"

I consider lying, but then I think better of it in case this is a test, so I say, "No."

And the three gents bid me good night and safe travels.


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