Avant garde, no?

Would be a depressing candy treat.

I spoke to my dad on the weekend. He made some comment which relied on the premise that Kevin Rudd was going to win the next election.

C: Oh, Dad... don't say that.
D: Say what, son?
C: Don't just assume that Rudd will win. It will just make it harder when Howard gets back in.
D: You think he's got another rabbit in his hat?
C: No... no... you're just too young to remember 2004. We were sure Latham was going to get in... and when he didn't. Well, it hurt, dad.
D: I... I remember that everyone was sad... I just didn't understand why.


Dr. Kam's Krazy Guide To Komedy:

The humour in this exchange is reliant on the special knowledge that my father is actually older than me.

It actually happened.

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