Avant garde, no?

So, there I was, going to buy some petrol.

Bit of a queue... I'm not used to this, normally I get my fuel in Warragul at around 9 on a Tuesday, but I don't have enough to get from Traralgon to Warragul... Curses!

So, I'm waiting in line, and another spot opens up. Excellent, I'll go take that.

As I pull out, another car comes into take the place that I just left.

Cool. Whatever.

I drive around the bowser to get myself into position... the car that had just pulled into my old spot, pull into my new spot. These two fuckers are grinning like it's fucking Christmas and they've just gotten the bike they always wanted.

I mean... there's the pleasure of getting your fuel in an efficient and timely manner - a pleasure which would bring a certain smile to someone's face.

And then there's the mean-spirited pleasure of fucking with the Doctor, in such a manner that he was THIS FUCKING CLOSE to pulling his baseball bat out and smashing in their fucking windshield.

Our bumpers are almost touching... mere millimetres separate them.

They give me this look as if to say, "We don't know who you are, so we're going to be wankers."

I give them a vemonous look in return, as if to say, "You really don't know who I am? Oh... okay. Say, you didn't name your windshield Generic Baseball Bat #8, did you? Only, I have a baseball bat here with your fucking windshield's name on it."

It was a mexican standoff.

No, it was just a regular stand-off, but Mexican Standoff sounds cooler because:

A. The Letter X.
B. The whole nation of Mexico exudes style.

Anyway, I lost the standoff, I drove away.

But in another way, by driving away, I won the standoff... after all, it takes a bigger man to walk away.

And... uh... I realized that I had left my baseball bat underneath the King St. Overpass.

Which reminds me, I need to go get that... Good night!

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