Avant garde, no?

It has come to my attention that some people think that I'm dead.

Not in the sense that I didn't write anything in my blog for a few months - "Oho! He must be dead."

Quite literally in the sense that some people in the real world genuinely believed that my corpse was literally decaying six feet beneath what would no doubt be an incredibly stylish headstone with a witty epitaph. Dr. Cam: Beloved Son, Deadbeat Father.

I assure all that as of this time I am currently alive. (Knock on wood.)


A living conversation I had last night:

Dr. Cam: Vegie C. Vegie, did you know that we built this city on rock and roll?
VCV: That would be structurally unsound.
Dr. Cam: I disagree. Perhaps if we had built this city on sand and roll.
VCB: No, no. Building a city on rock and roll would be structurally unSOUND.
Dr. Cam: Oh dear.

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