Avant garde, no?

Discussing a tragic road accident with Comrade Franklin.

Dr. Cam: It could have been worse.
Franklin: Yes, the economy could have been adversely affected.
Dr. Cam: Please, Franklin! Too soon! Too soon.
Franklin: Sorry.
Dr. Cam: I've not yet come to terms with the sub-prime disaster.

Some time passes.

Dr. Cam: Franklin.
Franklin: Yes, Cam.
Dr. Cam: It occurs... they had to shut down the freeway to remove the bodies and whatnot. So, in a way...
Franklin: The economy WAS adversely affected. It WAS worse.
Dr. Cam: I'd hate to be the person who has to tell their significant other. I'm sorry, Miss, but I'm afraid you will need to compensate the Treasury for the losses incurred by the taxpayer in relation to your husband's death.
Franklin: On the other hand, if the person was unemployed it might actually be a boost for the economy.
Dr. Cam: I think a whole busload of unemployed people would have to die to balance out the scales with shutting the freeway down for a few hours. Many goods are freighted along those things, you know.

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