Avant garde, no?

So, two weeks ago this girl allegedly killed her dad and sister and tried to kill her mum.

I'm watching a thing about it on the news when a mate of mine calls me up with a wee scoop. He says, "Have you heard about this thing?" and I say, "Yes, I have."

He puts forward the theory that the reason she has allegedly done it is cos she is supposed to be taking psych meds which he has not been taking because her parents are scientologists. I check it out, and indeed they are. So I write the story up, but nobody can run it because it's a legal grey area to make the leap that because her parents are scientologists she wouldn't be taking her meds. Anyway, the next Monday I decide to pass it on to somebody who can afford to get sued, and contact a journo at a major daily. Quite literally five minutes after I pass it on, it all comes out in court. Boondogged.

Other things that have happened to me:

I almost got run over by two cars in a high speed chase through my street.

And just now I witnessed a punch-up between two guys that work at the meth lab behind my house. It may in fact be a legit factory, but everybody needs a little excitement in their lives.

I neglected my blog in a serious fashion? C'est la vie.

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