Avant garde, no?

Your intrepid hero Dr. Cam Sexenheimer and his unfortunately kiwi sidekick Comrade McBroington discuss dreams.

Dr. Cam: Last night I dreamt that I was at this sort of shopping arcadey kind of thing. Outside, I knew that it was Newtown in Sydney, but inside the building it felt like it was Melbourne. Anyway, I'm just sort of gliding along when I realise that I'm actually wearing those shoes that look like they're shoes but they're actually roller blades.

Suddenly! I notice this guy of middle eastern descent wearing a pretty shmicko suit. He's selling stuff in a cockney accent. He says:

You sir! You look like the kind of gent who knows the value of a pound. Try this!

And he throws a little blue bouncy ball at me, like you get out of a gum machine. I try and catch it but I have too much forward momentum and I miss. I mess around trying to catch these balls he's bouncing around for a bit before I decide to move on.

A little bit further along, the arcade turns into an industrial wasteland. On the side of the arcade is a big fence and there are various pallets stacked up around the place. I notice that underneath some of the pallets is an old ammo box. Ammo boxes are awesome because you can keep all sorts of things in them, I think. I decide I'll take this ammo box and put stuff in it, but when I pick it up it totally already has stuff in it. I open it, and what do you know! There's some ammo inside. Live ammo. And a gun. I pull the slide back on the gun and some highly pressured air comes out the side of it for some reason. There's some paper stuffed into the side of it. I pull the paper out and unfold it. It's various documents regarding my uncle. Suddenly, my aunt comes up behind me and says, "So that's where I left that!"

I'm like, "Aunty! Surely you don't have a license to carry this!"

And then I woke up.

Comrade McBroington says:

Last night I dreamt that this girl I know came up to me on the street and her tongue had been cut so it was hanging twice as long down her chin and blood was gushing out of her mouth and would fly about whenever she moved her head.



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