Avant garde, no?

It's night, but a full moon illuminates the scene. I'm being chased through somebody's backyard by a guy in a balaclava. In his left hand he holds a large serrated blade - silver, but for a thin coating of blood. His right hand is not quite right - perhaps an industrial accident of some kind, but his fingers are twisted and mangled and he has no thumb.

Twigs crack beneath my feet and my heart is pounding in my chest like there's a dude in there with a hammer trying to get out. Can you blame him? Dude is stuck inside somebody's chest!

I reach a wooden fence and jump up onto it - it's wet and my feet slip, before I manage to get a hold. I pull myself over and fall to the other side. I hurt my arm on a big piece of wood there. I notice that somebody has discarded some old fencing - a few bits of old fence have nails in them. I grab one of these and start running through the bushes in front of me. Thorns catch on my pants but I keep on going - I can feel a trickle of blood going down my right leg but I don't care.

I realise that I'm now in my childhood backyard. I look back, I'm still being chased. I figure if I can get to my house I'll be safe. I run up to the backdoor. It's locked. Well, fuck. I put the fencepost through the window and unlock it from the inside. I run inside. My dad is in the kitchen, making burgers.

"Hey laki-laki. What's up?" he says, "Want a burger?"

"Sure, what are you cooking?"

He was cooking beef, chicken and vegie burgers. I looked at them on the grill. They were cooking away pretty nicely. There was some sort of marinade that he was using, it was orange in colour with red spices speckled throughout.

"Looks good, pak"

He asks me to grab some bread out of the fridge. I take it out, but after I remove the little twisty plastic thing from the bag and remove the buns, I realise that one of the buns has a little bit of mould on it. I carefully extricate it from the healthy bread. I open up the compost bin and chuck it on the top.

And then I woke up.

This was my incredibly detailed serial killer/mouldy bread dream. I really had it.

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