Avant garde, no?

Objective: Write a song about kitchen infrastructure and accessories.

Attempt 1:

The jugs don't work.

All this talk of kitchen carts
It's getting me down, my love
Like a cat in a bag
Waiting to drown
This time I'm comin' down
Status: Failed
Reason(s): Too depressing. Also by the Verve.

Attempt 2:

We didn't start the faucet.

Appliance panels, Backsplash
Bar stools, Bakers racks
South Pacific, Walter Winchell,
Joe Dimaggio

Status: Failed
Reason(s): Refers to irrelevant historical people/events. Also by Billy Joel from the classic album Storm Front.

Attempt 3:

Dr. Cam's Psycho Rudeboy Massive Kitchen Jam

Standing in the kitchen alone
A tear forms in my eye
Emotion overcomes me...
This cruel world makes me cry

Why... do so many have to hate?
Why... can't I be master of my fate?
Divided into lines... by class and race
Another lip curls on another scornful face

(guitar solo)

This world... today...
It's too hard.

Bills... to pay...
It's so hard.

I got so much to say...
I'm too scarred.

Is this... why... I cry?

Oh no-oo-oo-oo...

(pyscho rudeboy massive drum attack)

It's cos I'm choppin' onions in my kitchen,
'Neath that soft cabinet lighting,
Browning them softly,
To end the world's fighting

My counter top - butcher's block
Reflects how I feel,
In stainless steel

And for those who hate - still denigrate
My vent hood wall backsplash
Absorbs all the backlash

I thought I was alone again
Cooking up spag for one
A bolognaise of hazy days
Where I never see the sun

But now I see,
You're all here with me,
And it'll never be the same again
Here on my lonely little island,
This lonely little kitchen island,
This white rolling kitchen island,
Where everybody is your best friend.

Status: Third try is the charm!
Reason(s): pyscho rudeboy massive drum attack & 'a bolognaise of hazy days'. Genius!

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