Avant garde, no?

Holy. Fuckin. Jesus. Fuckin. Christ.

I just woke up from the most disturbing dream.

I was an AFL footballer (wait, it gets more disturbing) but not any one in particular - I just got the feeling that I played football.

Anyway, I had this wee baby that I was carrying along (to the football).

Anyway anyway, I got distracted by some hot pies or something, and when I looked back down at my child I noticed that I was not holding him in the correct position as recommended by doctors and midwives. I was, in fact, holding him by his feet - he was hanging upside down.

So I'm like, "Holy shit, my baby's upside down!" So I turn him the right way up, and he's stiff and cold.

The rest of the dream was a frantic dash to find help or a phone to call 000.

Pretty disturbing, huh?

The creepy image of my son's lifeless face is still stuck in my mind.

On a lighter note, I know exactly what set this off. I was reading the newspaper before I went to bed and there was a picture in a doctor's office of this doctor talking to a pregnant woman and the doctor was holding a doll upside down above her head while she had this deranged smile on her face.

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