Avant garde, no?

So I was pacing around my backyard yesterday, and I ended up going further into the backyard than I had presumably ever gone before because when I got to the back I noticed that there were 3 used syringes and a McDonalds swizzle stick stuck in a crack in the wall.

Yeah, I know!

So I called up the council and they were like, we'll send people out with thick gloves and a proper biohazard bucket and I said, "Cheers!"

They even took the swizzle stick.

Anyway, I was telling Comrade McBroington about this and he recalled a time he was on the train and this guy started yelling about how junkies were throwing their drugs into his backyard. He was enraged! "These junkies! Throwing! THEIR DRUGS IN MY BACKYARD!"

Eventually his rage reached such a level that someone felt moved to press the button to alert the train security guys, but the guy saw it and shouted, "FINE! IF NOBODY CARES ABOUT JUNKIES THROWING DRUGS IN MY BACKYARD I'LL JUST LEAVE THEN ."

So he got off the train. A few stops later, McB decided to move down a few carriages and who should be there but the same guy: "THOSE BASTARDS! THROWING! ME OFF THE TRAIN!"

In conclusion, sometimes you meet strange people on the train whose complaints may be many and various.

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