Avant garde, no?

Ashes to ashes,
Funk to funky,
We know Major Tom's a junkie.
Strung out in Heaven's high,
Hitting an alltime low.

The day didn't start out so crash hot. As I walked out my door, I looked at my keys. Better not forget those, I thought. That would make things incredibly difficult.

I walked out the door. It locked behind me.

It was okay, though. Cos I had looked at my keys and remembered not to forget them.

Ahaha - would you believe that I left my keys inside?

How awkward.

My housemates wouldn't be home for about an hour, so I decided that the best course of action would be to try the back door.

So... I climbed up onto the roof, walked across, and climbed down the side of the water tank.

The back door was locked. That all took me about half an hour to accomplish, so I settled in for the long wait. Eventually my housemates got home and let me in.

I was hot and dusty and irritable. I got in my car and fanged it in the direction of the freeway.

David Bowie blasted out of the tape deck. My windows wound down. The sun peeking over the hills.

Life was pretty good.

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