Avant garde, no?

My car need never worry about perspiration again.

As I opened the door of my automobile yesterday evening, I noticed that something was wrong. My red suspenders, which I had left on the front passenger seat after having found my belt, were sitting on the driver's seat.

It was obvious what had happened - ASIO had been in my car. Were they just bugging it so as to listen to my delightful singing voice? Or did they have a more sinister purpose?

Had they in fact been planting a car bomb?

The latter was actually closer to the truth than you might think.

I noticed a strange object between the passenger seat and the centre compartment thing. Pulling it out (foolishly - what if it operated on a pressure trigger, Dr. Cam!) I observed that it looked awfully similar to the canister of fine Men's deodorant I had brought back from Waz Vegas on a recent jaunt. The only difference was that I had brought back a cylindrical canister, while this - besides a few curves - was essentially an almost flat twisted sheet of metal.

Dr. Cam's Chemistry Tip: Do not leave children, animals or canisters of gas in hot cars all day.

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