Avant garde, no?

With a tip of the molotov to my old chum Kakariki (who I shall blinterview when she is done giving birth), I am about to undertake the What Kind Of Anarchist Are You quiz. I am sure I will find the results interesting on account of the fact that I am not an anarchist:

"You scored as Christian Anarchist.

Christian anarchism is one of the oldest anarchist philosophies, arguably dating back to the early Christian church. Christian anarchists emphasise non-violence and oppose the state as God is the only legitimate source of authority. Key thinkers include the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy."

Christian Anarchist 95%

Anarcho-Syndicalist 85%

Anarcho-Capitalist 70%

Anarcho-Communist 40%

Anarcho-Primitivist 40%

Anarcha-Feminist 20%"


It could also be said that I am not in high school. Despite this, I have undertaken a journey of self-discovery to determine which high school clique I belong to. The answer may surprise you:

"You scored as Punk.


Punk 80%

Stoner 60%

Goth 60%

Emo Kid 40%

"Ghetto" 40%

Hot 40%

Geek/Nerd 33%

Prep 27%

Loner 7%

Jock 0%"


Or it may not. Finally, I think it is pretty obvious that I am not a girl. Nevertheless, it has often bothered me that I am unaware of what type of girl I am. Let's find out:

"You scored as Hippy.

Hippy 100%

Athletic Tomboy 50%

Slut 50%

Nerdy Girl 50%

Popular Bitch 50%

Goth 31%

Preppy Girl 0%

Loser 0%"


50% Slut! My goodness!

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