Avant garde, no?

My friend SteveSteve C. Stevens has a problem. And his problem is a lack of ghosts.

We have discussed in the past the small matter of the ghost in the Waz Vegas cinema. Although we established that the story behind the alleged ghost was not historically accurate, the ghost lent the cinema a certain level of old-world charm and class.

Not so of SteveSteve's latest place of employment - also a cinema - but a cinema in a far grander mall-like establishment somewhere in the vicinity of Melbourne.

As with the Waz Vegas cinema, this cinema complex too was built on top of a much older cinema - which in turn was built on top of a theatre.

Despite this...

Cam: So, Steve, do you have any ghosts at your new work?
Steve: Dude, it's a real let-down. I had to ask like ten people before anyone knew anything. Supposedly somebody had a heart attack during some film and now they haunt Cinema 8 or something. The problem is that there's always two people cleaning the cinemas between shows and it's more brightly lit, so you don't have the opportunity to get spooked.

What a disgrace.

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