Avant garde, no?

My right hand is covered in red scratch marks, and the reason for that is that my little cousins are freaking psychos.

The youngest - an angelic 12 year old with curly hair - has invented a game to wile away long car trips. The rules are as follows:

Your travelling companion takes your hand and begins to scratch it slowly with their fingernails. You have to go through the alphabet naming foods or animals (A is for Aardvark, B is for Banana, C is for Carrot and so on). When you get to about J you begin to have difficulty coming up with acrostics on account of the pain. By the time you get to T the skin may have been broken.

The backs of their hands have tiny scars. I managed to save my silky smooth skin by pulling away at around the M mark. God forbid I got stuck on X or Z. (X Ray fish and Zebra would be good answers here)

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