Avant garde, no?

High-roofed and elegantly designed, the restaurant has an air of class and comfort.

"But on the flip side, you're really getting an air of class and refinement."

Although an air of class struggle pervades this.

Top quality backing musicians like pedal-steel guitar virtuoso Michael Flanders definitely brought an air of class and that complete country sound.

Get an Official MarilynMonroe.com banner for your Marilyn fan site! They will give your site an air of class and sophistication.

The use of "salon" to lend an air of class to a haircutting shop dates to 1913.

Settled in the 1850s as an upscale suburb, Hyde Park has always exuded an air of class, education and social activism.

They wore jackets and ties on the sideline, casting an air of class. You couldn't imagine either man conducting his career as a series of charades.

Just £30 buys you the title ‘Laird of Kinkavel', which will give you an air of class even if your idea of the perfect evening consists of 14 pints in your [stomach?]

The polished, aristocratic Davis was the walking image of the 19th-century gentleman, lending an air of class and style to the grim business of war.

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