Avant garde, no?

I've known Eli Cordover for quite a few years now, but I really shouldn't be blinterviewing him because he doesn't even have a blog any more. Eli's blog was really interesting. It was chockablock with teen angst, but that was okay, because every single word in it was true.

Sheer, unbridled honesty. It made for very interesting reading, but it also made for trouble because sometimes too much honesty is not such a great thing. He got suspended one time - it was pretty funny - and eventually he sort of pissed off his brother so he packed it in. I must admit I'm not au fait with everything that went on with that bit, but if Eli thinks I'm misrepresenting something he's welcome to edit this - yeah, he sort of owns this website.

On with the Blinterview!

1. Would you say that giving women the vote: A. Did irreparable damage to
society / B. Did damage to society that could be rectified by revoking their
voting priviledges?

Well, I'd say mu, by which I mean the question is based on a false
premise. I would, however, be more inclined to A than B, in that the
changes made to society (which I believe to be positive) are


2. People have accused you of being an elaborate hoax perpetrated by persons
unknown. Who is your secret alter-ego?

[DELETED], cryptologist and hacker. [Dr. Cam sez: I knew he wasn't fucking real]


3. If you could pash any Australian newspaper columnist - who would it be
and why?

Fran Kelly. That intellect is HOT.


4. Brad & Angelina - will it last in 07?



5. Would you prefer to be in a position where you did not have the
responsibility of making decisions?

Hells yes. I don't want to be responsible, but I want things to be done my way.


6. Could you agree to "strict discipline?"

Discipline? Whatever.


7. Would the idea of making a complete new start cause you much concern?

Nope. I contemplate it often. Sometimes I want to just run away and
move to London.


8. What are your plans for the development of the solar system in the next
fifty years?

Build a hundred thousand bars.


9. Would you get in the ring and fight me? I mean, actually FIGHT me?

No. I would lose. Also, pacifist here!


10. Could you ever bring yourself to return my affection?

Oh I do Cam, I love you more than anyone else. I have only know you
for so long now, but I feel like I've known you my whole life. God, I
don't know, but I guess what I'm saying is, Dr Cameron Diaz McIntosh
Sexenheimer, will you marry me?

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